Bulgarian for foreig

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ABILITY Language School offers individual and group studies in Bulgarian Language for foreigner speakers through the following languages: English , Russian , French from A-level – beginners to D level – proficiency.
An opportunity for individual study at the office in convenient hours for the student. No textbook needed - the language school offers its own learning system and methods, highly skilled teachers, audio and video lessons. All materials are free .
For more information:
Phone . (02)953 08 87
0878 467 429
Address: Ivan Vazov, 32 Michail Bobotinov Str, bl 5, entr В, fl 1, ap.1
e-mail: abilityschool@gmail.com
www.abilityschool.eu Facebook: Ability language school
Подател: Абилити - езикова школа
Град: София
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Bulgarian for foreig